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SAINt JHN - Roses || Two fall outfits with dresses and faux fur

Dzisiaj już po polsku, jeden z ostatnich jesiennych postów. Wszędzie czuć już świąteczny klimat, a w powietrzu mróz, który szczypie w policzki. Dzisiaj w poście dwie stylówki, dlatego zamęczę Was ogromem zdjęć. Obie sukienki pochodzą z Ptak Fashion City z butiku Ficarelli. Kozaki kupiłam w CCC, botki są z Czas na Buty, a moje ukochane czarne futerko ze Stradivariusa.
Która stylizacja podoba się Wam bardziej?

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NewChic Black Friday

Hi my sweethearts, 
Christmas is coming and that means that the Black Friday as well! This is one of my favourite days among all, because I can shop as much as I can for prices much much lower than normally. Last year I bought a lot of stuff, as far as I remember it was two bags, some t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters. All of this things you can find on NewChick Black Friday website. This year I decided that I will buy less for me and more for my fiance. He is always complaining about having too little clothes, and no matching ones. This year this will change. 
First of all, universal gift for men is new shirt design. Yes, men love shirts, even they don't say they do, they like the look from our eyes, when they wear something elegant. And furthermore, Christmas is the time of elegant looks, so the shirt is perfect for this event. I love the classic whites, with something execptional in it. This can be some crazy pattern, or elegant dots, which are never out of fashion. 

Another aspect of wearing shirts by men is casual style. When you work in a bank or office, you mustn't wear white plain borring shirt all your life. You can always choose henley shirt. If you find well suited colour to your type of beauty, you will always look perfect in this type of shirt. Moreover it is less official, and you can wear it everywhere. To work, on shopping with your girlfriend or for your mom's birthday. 

Jackets are another thing that always is a good idea. Jackets for men are so amazing sometimes. What could you say about men in an elegant coat and white shirt? He has a style (and he is handsome). Just look at items in this section. You will fall in love. 

Hoodies are perfect option for colder days. Both for girls and boys. It is always good to have one for extremly cold winter days, or just for spring. Hoodies are super comfy and always in fashion, regardless of the look you are wearing. Entirely sporty style? Ok! Elegant trousers, as well. Just think of a perfect match. Dress? No problem. My option for this year is xxxxl hoodie 2019, total oversize. 

Another basic thing that you need in your closet is a leather (probably black) jacket. It is never out of fashion and matches almost every outfit. You can set it with elegant blouse or your favourite ripped jeans. Whatever. Just mix and match. You can find some cheap leather jackets on the New Chic webpage. 

Last thing that I need to talk about is shearling coat mens love. From the time of John Snow in Gme of Thrones it is very desired coat, even in mens wardrobe. But not only. It looks very fashionable with jeans and high neck sweater. You can choose which color do you like and it will always look good. 

And what is your must buy this year? Do you like Black Friday deals? 

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How to get fit? || Feelingirl

The New Years Eve is coming faster than I thought. That is why it is high time to gather up and do something with the body, in order to look gorgeous on the New Years Eve party. I decided to make a post about my lifestyle and how does my daily diet looks like.

1. Do NOT make changes drastically.
Never fall from one extreme to another. I try to have balanced diet, eat vegetables and fruits every day. My meals are usually complete meals, that means I try to have proteins, lipids and fiber in my dishes. Of course, I eat unhealthy food from time to time, but I always try not to guttle in the late night.

2. Drink a lot of water.
Every day I drink minimally 2 liters of water. That helps me not only to maintain my body in good conditions, well hydrated and thin, but also improves working of my brain. Water is basic element in human body, that is why we need it to think properly and concentrate.

3. Have a walk every day.
Although I have a car I don't use it that often. In my city it is more convenient to go to the city centre by bus and have walk from home to the bus station and the other way back. On the days I go to the University it ensures me sports dose, because not always I have a time to go to the gym.

4. Do sports.
Yes, besides the diet it is the key factor in being fit and healthy. I do cardio exercises and only some of the weight training activities. Although, I exercise usually when I want to loose weight, I need sportswear. I usually buy it online and today I want to recommend you one online store. It is named Feelingirl.


You can find there everything you need for the gym, including latex waist trainer vest, or shorts. It is essential of you want to do sport and here you can find it in good prices. Moreover, it is much faster, than normal walking through the shops and trying on all of the things.

You can find there also latex waist trainer for women. If you want to have a perfect belly and at the same time not to do harm yourself you should buy it. It protects the spinal cord and makes your waist look thinner.

Black Friday is coming with the big steps and that is why also this shop has a big deal for all buyers. Feelingirl Black Friday Online offers -10% for every order above $100, 20% for orders bigger than $200 and so on. Additionally some products are now -70% off. Go and get yours. 

Do you do sports every day? 
Share in comments. 

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Tones and I - Dance Monkey || Pink Faux Fur from VM Fashion

Hejka kochani, 
Nareszcie mam chwilę czasu, aby tu do Was zajrzeć. Październik to był dla mnie ciężki miesiąc. Ale udało mi się zrobić jesienne zdjęcia. W tej stylizacji mam na sobie beżowy sweterek z plecieniem typu warkocz, oraz moje ulubione jeansy ze Stradivariusa. Ciepło zapewniło mi futerko - misiek w kolorze różowym, które kupiłam na stronie sklepu VM Fashion. Pierwotnie pochodzi z River Island, ale udało mi się kupić je outletowo i przede wszystkim taniej!
Jak Wam się podoba?



Hello dear, 
Yesterday we talked about shoes, today it is the turn for my second biggest fashion love, namely bags. This season we drag with us packaged shoppers, elegant briefcases, practical big bags or universal messenger bags. Nevertheless, contrarily to the season we should have them in exotic prints. The crocodile skin is the most deired animal pattern among all. I chose some bags from Baginning store. Let me show you: 

Secondly we choose the quilted and furniture inspired stylings. Whereas the pillow type bags may be too extravagant for some of us, the quilted type is perfect. This trend stays with us for some seasons already, but it is still hot and this time looks a little bit different. 

Another trend are the doctor inspired bags. Yes, exactly. In the shape they resemble the bags that doctors dragged with them. Basically, they had to be chic and elegant, but also they needed to fit the necessary tools and be comfortable to wear.  

Extremely small bags are also very desired this fall. They are XS size and can be worn both to the holiday and everyday outfit. And I mean very SMALL size. 

And at last, if you are going on holiday, you can also take an advantage of clear tote bags. This season we shoul have them in maxi version, so that they can handle all of our stuff necessary to live the day and survive in the city jungle! (just a joke)

Which one is your favourite? My heart will always belong to quilted bags. ♥ 

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What shoes are in this fall? || FSJ Shoes

Hello dear,
The temperature is getting lower and lower, the leaves are getting red and orange, then fallinf down the trees. That means one thing- fall is here. As every season comes, there are certain trends that stay with us for some years even, but some of them change. This season an absolute must have are combat shoes. Nevertheless, we do not wear them with heavy, manly outfits, but we provide contrast. Take your favourite feminine or even girly dress and put the heavy combat shoes on your feet. I am sure, you will look incredible. You can choose the Alexander McQueen heavy style, or a little bit chunky leather platforms like Stella McCartney proposed. One of the most beautiful combat-feminine shoes I have ever seen you can find on fsjshoes. Here is one example I can give you. 

Black Platform Vegan Boots Chuny Heel Lace up Rock Studs Ankle Boots image 1

You may see also the buckles on the model above. Yes, it is also a strong trend this fall. It breakes the perception of feminine shoes and boots, adding an edge to it. 

Another trend, that is new this season are slouchy shoes. I do not feel very confident about them, but they can perfectly match your high-fashion outfits. This type of shoes is referred to 80's, which are in this fall. You can put them with high waist jeans, or mini-dress.  

Olive Suede Slouch Boots Pointy Toe Stiletto Heel Ankle Booties image 1

Yet another trend is animal print, that is seen everywhere now. This season you can make a perfect match of an animal print and leather clothing. You may say that animal prints are IN every season. Yes, you are right! But each season they are proposed in different silhouettes. That makes them really specific for each season. 

Snakeskin Boots Low Heel Fashion Over-the-Knee Boots image 1

Turn on the shine! Metallic everything is another thing seen in the stores. The New Year's Eve is coming, so we should shine bright, to welcome new year properly. Nevertheless, you can wear them to your favourite basic outfits, or almost total black looks. They surely will revive your dull outfit, and breathe new life in it! 
Silver Python Cowgirl Boots Chunky Heel Mid Calf Boots image 1

And the last for today (but not the least), vintage shoes! We love them all and especially those with square-toe silhouette, which really became the sign of fall 2019. 

Women's Nude Vintage Heels Patent Leather Mary Jane Shoes image 1