niedziela, 16 czerwca 2019

Nothing to wear in the summer? No problem. || DRESSLILY WISHLIST

Hello dear, 
How is your preparation for the summer going? I have just started to look for the maxi dresses that I am obsessed with currently. As the pattern trends are really in, I decided to seek for some maxi dresses, which may look awesome on vacations. I prepared my proposals with Dresslily shop, where you can find a lot of interesting clothes for discount prices. Moreover, I have for you something special- discount code in the end of the post! 
Getting to the point, I found a lot of tropical vibe dresses, check it out here and let me know in comments how do you like it!
And I have a discounts code for you my dear followers❤️
20% for everything using : DLGO20
That means, from $30 there is $6 less and from $150 there is $30 less!


czwartek, 13 czerwca 2019

Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care || Baby Blue dress from GrilMerry

Hello everyone!
How is your June going? I am studying whole days and I have no time, literally for nothing. Time flies and soon I will be finally in Poland, in my comfy bed, huging my cats. But summer has just started, and that means new amazing summer dresses needed urgently!
That is why I come to you with the next summer dress proposal. It comes from GirlMerry. Here you can get cheap dresses of high quality both one piece or wholesale dresses.
This one is just gorgeous, I wear it very often, even if I have the same white, and white is my favourite color, this one became my number one. ♥
And what are your favourite summer colours?